LA Yoga Magazine: The Kirtaniyas; A Neo-Bhakti Revolution

View the original article on The Kirtaniyas; A Neo-Bhakti Revolution written by Sam Slovic “Man…tra; Man- means ‘mind’; -tra means ‘to free’,” [...]

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The Kirtaniyas in Bernal Yoga Blog

Live Music with Yoga 07 July 2010 | By Ngan R. If you walked past Bernal Yoga at midday Monday, you probably heard [...]

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Kirtan with the Bhakti House crew in Miami

[fblike style="standard" showfaces="true" width="450" verb="like" font="arial"] Have you ever experienced Kirtan while doing Asthanga Yoga? Have you ever done Yoga while prayers to [...]

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Bhaktifest 2009

We had a great time at the Bhaktifest in Joshua Tree Everyone who couldn't go this year should definitely go next year. Here are some videos and pics....

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