Official Music Video: Kirtaniyas feat. MC Yogi – Nitai Gauranga

Nitai Gauranga - Kirtaniyas feat. MC Yogi & DJ Drez Now available for download on iTunes Produced by Kirtaniyas: Nitai "KrsnaBoy" Prem, Vijay Krsna & [...]

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Interview with Tattva Viveka Magazine (Germany)

Singing for the Soul - A life for Kirtan - The Kirtaniyas Tattva Viveka - 50 Year Anniversary Edition February 2012   Originally [...]

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Kirtaniyas at Google

We do Kirtan on a daily basis as a spiritual practice and what we really enjoy doing is getting creative with where we [...]

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The Kirtaniyas in Bernal Yoga Blog

Live Music with Yoga 07 July 2010 | By Ngan R. If you walked past Bernal Yoga at midday Monday, you probably heard [...]

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Kirtan in Cali with Brenda Mcmorrow

  All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga! Theres something magical about touring around spreading the holy names of Sri Krsna. It is [...]

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Costa Rica – Pura Vida

[fblike style="standard" showfaces="true" width="450" verb="like" font="arial"]   Haribol Everyone! Rasika Dasi reporting from Costa Rica :) Sarasvati and I recently flew from sunny [...]

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