“Politics and people will let you down and life can be very disappointing. At such a time, when you hear Krishna’s flute… how can you resist?”  –  Cheb I Sabbah.


Kirtaniyas Live at Rudramandir


“Live at Rudra Mandir” is the Kirtaniyas’s first live album recorded on February 02/15/2013 at Rudra Mandir in Berkeley, California.The project was produced by the late Cheb I Sabbah who mixed and supervised mastering of the recording and was his last musical project.Kirtaniyas are ever grateful for the opportunity to sing the glorious names of the Divine in a traditional form, using melodies and rhythms taken from the ancient Bhakti lands such as Vrindavan, India and Navadipa, Mayapura, India.


released 13 January 2014
Lead vocals: Vijay Krsna
Co-lead vocals: Jahnava Dasi
Violin and backing vocals: Sarasvati Dasi
Mrdanga: Madhumangala Das
Backing vocals: Prajna Vieira
Karatals and backing vocals: David Estes (Ananda Rasa Kirtan)Producer: Cheb I Sabbah
Recording engineer: Michael Braden at Seven Channel Sound.
Mastered by: Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio NYC.
Executive producer: Vrindaban Misri.
Co-executive producer: Anurag.
Photo: © LakshmiGraceDesigns.com Special thanks: Lloyd Barde for booking and promoting the event, KD Devi Dasi for creating and alter. Rob and Elizabeth Sidon for sending their beautiful Krsna deity blessing the Kirtan.