We do Kirtan on a daily basis as a spiritual practice and what we really enjoy doing is getting creative with where we chant. So when you get to sing and dance with ‘Googlers’ (google employees) in Silicon Valley’s Google headquarters it becomes amazingly fun! We have played at so many yoga studios, temples and private homes all over the world… but when we got the invite to play at Google, we were all especially excited!

Our dear friend Gopi Kallayil, one of Google+’s marketing managers, teaches a weekly yoga class for fellow Googlers and this time he wanted to try something a little different: a live kirtan during the class followed by some chanting with the Kirtaniyas.

In this modern era of social networking word gets around fast. The yoga Googlers (apparently their group is called ‘Yogalers’) loved the live Kirtan music along with their Yoga practice, and wanted more. So the next week we went back and did it again!
There is something profound about sharing ancient Mantra alchemy wisdom with some of the most genius people of our generation. We look forward to plenty more of such ventures with our new most interesting place to play Kirtan: Google.
Kirtan knows no bounds…

– Nitai

Riding the Google bikes around campus.

The biggest smart phone we have ever seen.