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Continued from Our European Adventure pt1

After the wonderful Barcelona Yoga Conference, we continued our journey to Milano, Italy for the Bliss Beat festival set in the beautiful Italian country side amongst grape vines and sunflowers.






The festival featured numerous Kirtan singers such as Jai Uttal, Dave stringer, Brenda Mcmorrow, Wah!, David Newman, Philippo Franchini, Donna Delory and more. It was great hanging out with so many sweet people and of course there was plenty of time for singing Kirtan together and then singing some more:

The next leg of our journey led us back to Berlin, Germany, where we caught up with some rest and hit the studio for another few days. This was our last opportunity to get things recorded with the whole crew together, time to get those last backing vocals and harmonies done.

We still had one last summer festival to visit together, so we headed on the road again, this time by train to Basel in Switzerland and from there by car into France to a wonderful place called Dole. This annual gathering was a kind of its own. It consisted of people from all different walks of life gathered in celebration of Bhakti, Kirtan and sharing. The host, Krsna Chandra pr. (who is one of the sweetest people in world!), held a week of family orientated workshops, discourses, chanting, dramas, music and dance performances.
The prasadam at this festival was vegan and all organic and it was out of this world! Dishes ranging from eggplant parmesan to tofu stir fries. Really some of the best cooking we’ve ever had!


Dole festival went by all too soon as it was also the goodbye for all of us as we then went separate ways. Rasika headed off to go on a Kirtan road trip around europe with friends, Nitai went back to UK for a short visit before flying back to Hawaii, Sarasvati went back to northern Germany to paint some of her amazing paintings and I flew to Canada for the weekend for the Ashtaprahar 24 hour kirtan summer edition.

Traveling on “red eye flights” (the cheaper flights that are at night), rushing to the airport in time for checkins, worrying about luggage weight, car rentals, sleeping on floors,  having to eat canned food on the road all while being completely exhausted can be really hard. But when its done with a purpose, these things are all part of the bliss when gathering together in Kirtan. Seeing the expression on someones face who is encountering this Kirtan for the first time, completely immersed in this sound vibration and sweet melody… reminds us what its all about.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!