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Have you ever experienced Kirtan while doing Asthanga Yoga? Have you ever done Yoga while prayers to the saints were being sung? What about Bhakti Yoga Dance with Kirtan? Meditational Yoga? Ok, so you are a die hard Yoga practitioner and you do all of the above in the course of a week. What if you practice all four and have Kirtan on a 60 foot yacht all within 12 hours?
Welcome to the Bhakti House in Miami!

We were all so fortunate and happy to have spent an amazing 10 days with Loren Russo and her amazing tribe of friends at the Bhakti House. We arrived before anyone was awake and took a nap from our exhausting red eye flight. As the day grew we were greeted by various residents and visitors of the Bhakti House. Amongst those people were Loka and Madhu, and Jaya, some very sweet souls who took care of us so well. Hugs and kisses were followed by a quick schedule review of our busy week to come.

Hitching rides in packed vans and doubling up on mopeds with instruments on our backs were just some of the ways we arrived at the Kirtan events. Pretty stylish eh? I’m just glad that the weather was good…most of the time anyway. By playing about twice a day for an hour or two, we really learned that the people in Miami love Kirtan! From South Beach, to Fort Lauderdale, and everywhere in between, there was great feedback from everyone. For many people Kirtan was a new experience that filled their hearts with something very special.


Towards the end of our stay we had even more Kirtans! The last day we had about 4 or 5 different events! I thought I would need some RedBull for sure near the end, but somehow I managed with just a nice cup of hot ginger tea. We had all gotten sore throats and a cough from all the late nights and singing, so ginger tea along with plenty of visits to the spa was the perfect remedy =)

In between sweet harinams, rocking Kirtans, sweaty yoga, delicious cooking classes, blissful Gaura arati’s, and sanga programs, we went to beaches, had amazing spa sessions, cruised on a yacht, and we even saw our beloved Srila Gurudeva! We had our own special darsan (meeting) with him where he gave us beautiful blessings. How’s that to top off the trip?¬†Mercy mercy mercy.
All in all, 10 days of complete awesomeness.

I will never forget the time I shared with all the sweet yogis and yoginis. It was just a roller coaster ride of bliss. Hopefully we have the chance to go back to Miami soon to be with our lovely god brothers and sisters. Harinam Sankirtan Ki! Jai! Con sabor a Haribol!

Until next time,
Jai Jai sri radhe!